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April 14, 2010 / The_Mike_Johnson

It is Ten P.M. Have You Taken Your Medicine Today?

If you are not nice your medicine may tell on you.

In 2000 I worked for a company that provided much of the back end to various cell phone carriers that enabled these carriers to offer their cell phone customers the ability to set up various text alerts to be sent to their phones at specific times of the day. With many of the smartphones being offered today these text alerts seem primitive ten years on. One idea back back then was providing cell phone customers with the ability to have a text message sent to their phone that would remind them to take their daily medication(s). One company has taken this idea further in the March 2, 2010 Wall Street Journal article,  “Beep! It’s Your Medicine Nagging.” The container that holds your pills has the ability to inform the user to take the medicine at a specific time. Also, it not only reminds the user but keeps inventory alerting you to get a refill of the prescription before it runs out.

“A new pill-container top called a “GlowCap” is equipped with a wireless transmitter that notifies patients when it’s time to take their medicine.” After that, the device can set off an automated telephone or text message reminder to patients who fail to take their pills. It also can generate email or letters reporting to a family member or doctor how often the medication is taken. “

Click here to read the full article and listen to the automated telephone message.



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