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July 8, 2010 / The_Mike_Johnson

Marc Geiger Shares Some Great Ideas for the Live Concert Industry

Photo by Natodd

I came across a great interview from the June 5 Billboard Magazine with Marc Geiger, vice president at William Morris Endeavor. Geiger has been a concert promoter and talent agent among other things but is best known as one of the creators of the Lollapalooza music festival.

So when Marc speaks it may be worth listening to his ideas such as:

“The live music industry has work to do but doesn’t need a fundamental change, it just needs to improve. I go to a Billboard conference, some customer pays $200 to see all of us idiots speak, they get a goodie bag. You to Coachella, you pay $275, do you get a goodie bag? Wouldn’t you think that one of the labels there would go, “Hey, I’m going to see 80,000 music freaks. Shouldn’t I figure out a way to have them listen to three songs by my artist?”

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