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July 24, 2011 / The_Mike_Johnson

How to Get Your Story or Event on New York News Shows

Left to right: Marcia Parris from WPIX, Enez Paganuzzi from WNBC-TV, Eric Gonon from NY1, and Leyla Fayyaz, Good Day New York.

The New York chapter of the Public Relations Society recently held a panel featuring four television producers from WPIX, WNYW, WNBC, and NY1 shared tips on how to get your story/event/ news item covered on their shows. 

The four producers on the panel included:

  • Leyla Fayyaz, Good Day New York (WNYW-TV)
  • Eric Gonon, New York 1
  • Enez Paganuzzi, WNBC-TV
  • Marcia Parris, WPIX-TV

As a television producer, Leyla Fayyaz’s role at WNYW’s Good Day New York is to make information more engaging to the viewer.  To get her attention when sending an email provide vital information at the start, and if it takes her too long to figure out what you are pitching she will quickly delete your email. It is best to break down a complicated topic into a simple easy-to-understand form. You can send your story via email to:

Eric Gonon’s producer role at New York 1 is to provide the fabric of New York stories. Eric suggests that you familiarize yourself with NY1’s programming and reporters that would be a good fit for your story or topic.  Email your story or news item to the assignment desk at, then call the day before your event at 212-379-3456 to followup.  If you receive a call from NY1 that your event will receive coverage, it is best to have specific names and titles spelled correctly and all contact information if the producer/reporter has to follow up. 

As the Planning Manager Enez Paganuzzi books New York Nightly News at 7 p.m. with  Chuck Scarborough  on WNBC New York (which also includes New York Nonstop).  Enez  refers to the AP daybook for events of the day and the NBC New York Facebook page to see what viewers are commenting on and to get other story ideas. Best way to reach Enez is through email at and have your pitch be simple, smart,and have it jump off the page. And final words of wisdom: please get the spelling of her name and WNBC  shows correct.

For Marcia Parris of WPIX-TV she gets ideas and news from reading magazines, watching trends, and listening to what public relations folks  are telling her. An e-mail pitch that is brief, short, and to the point of why your story/guest would fit the WPIX news shows works for Marcia. She also advises that you know what topics/segments are covered during WPIX’s on-air programs.  Planning/pitch meetings are held once a month where ideas and stories are put before the entire staff and crew and then the Executive Producer decides which ideas/stories become segments. If you have a story/idea/product for  Thanksgiving and Christmas best to let her know 2 to 3 months ahead. WPIX original content gets picked up by CNN and there is also an app for smartphones. Marcia also encourages you to send your client list if they need to get someone due to a cancellation, it is a good resource to have if she needs to get a replacement at the last minute. If you have any news/events, email the WPIX assignment desk at

You can follow Leyla Fayyaz on Twitter @leylafayyaz

You can follow Enez Paganuzzi on Twitter @enezps.

You can follow Marcia Parris on Twitter @MarciParris.

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