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October 3, 2011 / The_Mike_Johnson

Social Media: Market Like a Pro CENCOM September 2011 Panel with Mark Ghuneim, Lisa Hsia, and Jon Bond

CENCOM Social Media: Market Like a Pro panel  (left to right)  Mark Gnuhneim, Lisa Hsia, Jon Bond.

It is essential for any business, big or small, to engage others using social media to share ideas, opinions and products that will captivate a target audience and generate revenue. But what skills and tools will you and your company need to create a foolproof strategy to market yourself, your brand, or your company? To answer that  The Center for Communication held a panel, “Social Media: Market Like a Pro that included:

Mark Ghuneim, CEO of Wiredset felt that social media is best for listening to what is going on, and helps you understand what people are saying about your product or company. His social media strategy advice? Begin with the end in mind – How will you define success of your project? Mark believes that the value of using social media lies in the traditional means of any company’s intent: Do you want to make money? Do you want to save money? Do you want to build and expand the brand? As for the next big thing Mark thinks connecting the knowledge of the social network providing expert answers such as Quora, and LinkedIn. Follow Mark on Twitter: @markgnhumeim.

In starting down the path of social media Lisa Hsia of Bravo Digital Media suggests that you just get out and do it to learn all you can to find out what will and won’t work for you and your company. Gradually as the Bravo digital media team did certain things they would brainstorm in the hallway as there was no road map, and no idea what the reaction was going to be when they did certain social media initiatives. Lisa uses Facebook as a forum for feedback that allows discussions of all the Bravo programs and to has secured Toyota as a sponsor to carry out a Twitter track for a new initiative Bravo is doing for Top Chef this season. You can follow Lisa on Twitter: @lisahsia.

Jon Bond of Big Fuel Communications felt as more new technologies emerge you will find that the shiny new object does not stay shiny for long, and social media is like a growing octopus using up more of your time and resources. But Jon feels that social media can identify influencers where these people can use and exhibit their influence level relative to a brand, and influence more users to make the same purchase.  Jon also felt that with a lot of the social media platforms  in respect to television ratings, you get more and better viewers for the same price. For social media tools Jon suggests corporate users would feel comfortable using Buddy media. You can follow Jon on Twitter: @JonBond 57.

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