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September 28, 2012 / The_Mike_Johnson

How to Get Your Guest or Book on Rachel Ray and CBS This Morning Saturday


(Left to right)  Tommy Crudup from Rachel Ray, Rebecca Jarvis from CBS This Morning Saturday, Heleigh Raff from Piers Morgan Tonight, and Vanessa Weber from ABC News.

Rachel Ray, CBS This Morning Saturday, Piers Morgan Tonight, and ABC News. You have a book, movie, or guest that would be perfect for each of those shows. How do you go about getting them on? To find out I attended the New York Chapter of the Public Relations Society “Meet the Media” panel that featured:

With 2.5 million viewers every day Rachel Ray provides a huge audience and Tommy Crudup is the man to pitch. Tommy prefers to receive pitches through email but please do not send two page emails with a followup call ten minutes after you hit send. Include any links you may have for previous television appearances even if it may only be local clips. A great way to be a resource to Tommy is to send him a client list to keep on file and refer to when needed.  Tommy Crudup can be reached via email:, and follow him on Twitter @TommyTomTom22.

Even though CBS This Morning Saturday may be heavy on politics and politicians it is business people and entrepeneurs (someone with an interesting personality and story) that interests Rebecca Jarvis most with the ability to  talk about trends. Rebecca prefers to receive pitches via Twitter as well as email but remember that Rebecca also has to pitch to the CBS This Morning Saturday producers as well to get the story covered. To help her (since she covers business) be sure to  provide the size and total dollar amount of the market, the players, and a story line that would make viewers get excited about the story. Rebecca suggests to think how your person best fits into the story.   Rebecca Jarvis can be reached via email: and you can follow her on Twitter @RebeccaJarvis.

Haleigh Raff  books celebrities on Piers Morgan Tonight as well as newsmakers and authors. Haleigh advised it is best to know the show you are pitching (the type of guests that are on and the types of segments) it will make her job easier. What would be a bad pitch? A long pitch that ends with…”this would be great for Rachel Ray.” Haleigh also suggested to be clear and upfront if your potential guest is a paid spokesperson and how many mentions would be allowed/needed for the segment. She also felt it is best to build relationships by reaching out to someone by taking them out or meeting for coffee, or visiting their office to make a connection with the person. Be persistant but not annoying. You can email Haleigh Raff at and follow her on Twitter: @Haleighraff.

As a producer for ABC News Vanessa Weber prefers to receive pitches via email and due to her demanding schedule has no time to return phone calls. When pitching or thinking of a guest/topic that may be ideal for ABC News Vanessa advises to think in the mindset of: Why would this make compelling television? As with Tommy Vanessa would like to see images/clips or links to clips so she has an idea how your person appears on television. Other tips include: Do your homework – are there similar stories? What human interest stories work?  Help me do my job better and faster. You can email Vanessa:

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