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November 10, 2013 / The_Mike_Johnson

How to Get Your Guest, Book, or Story on New York One, DNA Info New York, and Metro New York


At the November 2013 PRSANY event, Meet the Media: Local Media, four media producers (two from television and two from print) shared how you can best pitch to get your story covered on NY1, DNA Info New York, and Metro New York.

The panel included:

Julie Shapiro, DNA Info New York

Jessica Steiner,  NY1

Wendy Gillette, Freelance Correspondent for CBS Newspath, ABC, Newsone, FiOS News

Meredith Engel, Metro New York    

Julie Shapiro is a News Editor at New York and is responsible for five Manhattan South reporters.  She  approves and edits stories and coverage, and the ideal story for DNA info New York includes any issues reflecting those in the New York City neighborhoods such as no heat in apartments, any recent crimes, as well as DNA Info favors news that readers can use and can take actionable steps on such as how to obtain a rent-stabilized apartment in New York City.. At the moment she is seeking stories and coverage of events in the South Bronx, Upper East side, and  Greenwich Village. Best way to contact/pitch Julie is through email and it is okay to include images/video. If you already had your topic covered by the New York Times Julie will not cover it unless the topic is an update.   You can follow Julie Shapiro on Twitter: @JulieShapiro.

As the Lead News Assignment Editor at NY1, Jessica Steiner works on the assignment desk which includes fielding pitches from public-relations representatives, viewer story tips, breaking news, and coordinating fifteen reporters in the field and five live trucks. You can email Jessica your pitch, but since the schedule is planned one day in advance, be sure to  call and e-mail her the day before your event. Daily meetings to set up the schedule for the day are held at 7 a.m., 10 a.m., and 3:15 p.m. and also use the AP daybook. Jessica advises to do your research about NY1 as she still receives pitches asking for a guest to do a cooking demo on our morning show (NY1 does not have a morning show) so it is best to visit our website that will give information on all the reporters and shows. Jessica also advised that the best way to localize a national story is how a New York City resident is affected by that national story with local stats. You can follow Jessica on Twitter @jessicasteiner.

Wendy Gillette can be reached via email but do not send a general cut-and-paste e-mail, and best to send on low volume days such as Tuesdays and Thursdays. To get through to her and other reporters you must think about the way in which news people work, and being able to answer: “What is the news value in the item I am sending?” You have to have an angle and be newsworthy. Wendy deals with a national level audience so it is different from the local where one story goes to all the stations across the United States. Lead time may not be possible due to the changing nature of breaking news and breaking events, but since television is dependent on news and articles from the Associated Press, you may have a better chance if you had been previously covered by the Associated Press. Wendy has found that local television newsrooms are always hungry for local news and events especially for their morning shows.  You can follow Wendy on Twitter  @wendygillette.

Meredith Engel is the Well Being, Going Out, and Travel Editor for Metro New York and her duties include proofing, writing stories, editing freelance stories, and fielding public relations pitches. The best way for a PR person to approach her is e-mail, and she tweets out stories and trends. Custom pitches work best and it is okay to attach lo-resolution pictures but if your story gets picked up she will need high res. Lead time for stories are one month for health features otherwise a giving a few days before your news event is fine and please let Meredith know if your event was covered by another paper. You can follow Meredith on Twitter: @MeredithAtMetro.

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