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September 29, 2014 / The_Mike_Johnson

Who Knew 250 Names Would Increase Sales for Coke?

Hey Scion, Want to sell more cars? Do what Coca Cola did.

Hey Scion want to sell more cars? Do what Coca Cola did.

Photo via Global Reactions

Would you like a drink of Fred? How about a slice of Benny? After reading the September 25 Wall Street Journal article ‘Share a Coke’ Credited With a Pop in Sales, you may find yourself in the not too distant future walking down your grocery aisle looking for your personalized branded grocery items. From the article we learn that after Coke put the names on bottles and cans of the 250 most popular first names, “soft-drink sales in the U.S. have risen more than 2% after the world’s most-famous beverage brand began labeling Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero this summer with names of individuals, from Aaron to Sarah to Zach.”

“To see your name on a big brand, it makes it personal,” said Ricardo El Torro, who secured a can with his name on it. The 22-year-old clothing-store employee and his friends in Atlanta also recently played a version of “spin the bottle” with the personalized Coke containers.” Wow, spin the bottle? I am not sure what is more surprising – the increased sales or that 22 year olds are still playing spin the bottle. But I digress.

“Share A Coke” was first launched in 2011 in Australia, after local executives and the ad agency Ogilvy brainstormed on ways to re-engage consumers in stores and online. Coke says consumption of its cola jumped 7% among young Australians during the inaugural campaign. In the U.S., Coke took the 250 most popular first names for teens and millennials and slapped them on the front of 20-ounce bottles. The most-stocked names in stores were Chris, Jess and Alex.”

It turned into a hunt for some but remains a keepsake for many.

“Alyssa Lescalleet says she and her husband Shane hunted for each other’s name on bottles all summer in Lancaster, Ohio. Mr. Lescalleet, a landscaper, finally found a Diet Coke named Alyssa in Dayton and a Coke named Shane in Columbus. Ms. Lescalleet is thinking of keeping them on a living-room shelf next to wedding pictures. “I’ll keep them forever,” said Ms. Lescalleet.”

Did you search out and purchase your named Coke?

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