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October 22, 2010 / The_Mike_Johnson

Gary Vaynerchuk and Robert Scoble Discuss Business and Social Media

Gary Vaynerchuk and Robert Scoble spoke at the NYXPO.

I attended the NYXPO on Wednesday, October 20 and was pleasantly surprised to learn that Gary Vaynerchuk and Robert Scoble had been added to the event at the last minute. The NYXPO is a B2B networking conference that  features educational seminars and exhibits packed with hundreds of business products and services.

Gary Vaynerchuk offered savvy business advice incorporating various social media strategies and Robert Scoble shared his views on what businesses are doing with mobile apps.

Below is the video in three segments and transcript if you do not want to watch the video.

In video segment three we count the number of times Gary curses.

Video Segment 1 transcript:

-Introduction of Gary and Robert.

GARY asks: What do you say will be the most important trend of 2011?


– I talked to the CIO of Starbucks and he says, mobile, mobile, mobile.

– I talked to and she says, mobile, mobile, mobile.

– I talked to Zagats founders and they say mobile, mobile, mobile.

– Starbucks has mobile trends going up every month.

– I can now edit videos on my iphone.

GARY asks crowd: How many have created websites that are mobile friendly? (have an app or .mobi website formatted for smartphone – About five people have raised their hands.)

– Mobile makes it very convenient to do things.

– We have been making all VaynerMedia properties coding for last six months Android apps and friendly in mobile devices.


– Make your business API.

– How many have heard of OpenTable? It is an API that shares if a table is open to reserve in a restaurant. You can get that table reserved through the API.


– Raise your hand if you ever said: “I will never have a Facebook account;  Why would I do that?” How many of you folks said that, and how many of you now have a Facebook account?

– How many people said: “I am not getting a cell phone.” Of those people, who does not still have a cell phone? (Two people raise their hands).

Video Segment 2


– Here is what I focus on.  Here is what I think you should be paying attention to your business.

– I grew Wine Library from a $3 million to a $60 million wine business because I launched Wine Library in 1997.

– I started collecting emails, started a web show.

– The thing I pay attention to every day is: What do people say they are not going to do, when I know they are going to do it.

Gary asks: How many people here think that Foursquare is stupid? He explains Foursquare (you check in wherever you go).

– Why in the world should I checkin through Foursquare? I don’t know, when you go to a bar and check in, and Budweiser gives you a free beer, you will be checking in from now on!


– Starbucks just made a deal with Foursquare. You can see something about the neigborhood you are in.

– Robert has 300 apps on his phone.


– It has been fifteen years since AOL has spammed us with their discs.

– Gary asks:  How many people do not remember the world pre-internet? Internet is evolving so quickly.

– Google is vulnerable in search because Facebook and Gravity have become competitors to Google.

– We would rather have context about who is giving me the information we are seeking.

– My friends would rather get their wine recommendation from me and my information rather than someone that did a good job of SEO on Google.


– I just spent $700 on wine that I did not taste. (He tells story behind it) Shanna Ray is San Raphael invited him to speak at a conference and he saw that she was a connector and she told him to try the winery that was located in an industrial park but they have the only wine on tap in the US. Gary’s tweet back to Robert verified the place he visited had context and credibility.


– Context is God. Context matters so much more.

– Your business should be on Twitter.

– When someone talks about your business, and you say thank you, LOL, or wink at them, you have now changed the relationship from total stranger to semi-acquaintance.

– After more exchanges, you continue to build a relationship.

– I have a new book coming out in March, The Thank You Economy, that talks about what is the ROI of giving a f***.

Amazon bought Zappos out of fear.

– Everyone is buying something for more money, and they know it.

– When you see a friend you connect on Facebook and they talk about, “I love Lexus.” That statement impacts you since word of mouth closes in business.

Video segment 3 transcript


Gary asks, “How many people think Twitter is stupid?”

– Anything that gets 160 million users overnight, even if you think it is stupid, you need to pay attention to.

– People are using it. If there are eyeballs and ears in a platform, you should care.

– His new book opens with quotes of people at the time when television and radio was invented, they were putting down these new technologies and why it is idiotic and tv has no commercial appeal.

– We are creating more content in 48 hours as human beings than we did from the beginning of time until 2003.

– 3500 text messages were sent by teens.

– Phones are not even being used to make calls.

– If you are not using Twitter and trying  to figure out how to help your business, you are an a******.

– This is business, not your opinion.

– When five hundred million people are using Facebook, there is sh** going on there.

– Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are tools. You have to know how to use them.


– If you are a restaurant and you are not on Foursquare, you will look lame.


– You are losing customers to your competition.

– I have more people that watch my wine show every day than subscribe to The Wine Spectator or Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate. These publications have been in business for  more than twenty years.

Yelp is worth more than Zagat.

– Gary asks, “How many know about Yelp, and how many know about Zagat? (More hands go up for Zagat).

– Zagat has a brand equity, but relevance is dwindling away.

– If you are not playing where the people are, you are going to lose.

– I always hear, “Gary you are a younger guy, I did not grow up with this stuff.” You did not grow up driving a car, but you figured it out. It is not an age thing, but a mentality thing.

You can follow Gary Vaynerchuk on Twitter @garyvee.

You can follow Robert Scoble on Twitter @Scobleizer.

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