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September 29, 2010 / The_Mike_Johnson

Ray Jordan on Johnson & Johnson’s Social Media Strategy

Ray Jordan from Johnson & Johnson

The Tri-State District of the Public Relations Society of America Innovation Conference was held at Columbia University and the first presentation of the day was by Ray Jordan, Corporate Vice President of Public Affairs & Corporate Communications at Johnson & Johnson.  How does someone create the social media strategy for a corporation that has many policies and two hundred groups within the corporate structure? Ray provided his own experience with Johnson & Johnson as the road map.

Johnson &  Johnson had a seventy-three page internet compliance summary and sixty step compliance checklist within the Johnson & Johnson corporate structure which was far too complicated for anyone to manage, so Ray turned to IBM’s blogging policy as a guide that featured one page and eleven guidelines which encouraged new media engagement by employees.

The social media guidelines for Johnson & Johnson include:

– Social media activities must adhere to Company guidelines

– Have a responsible employee business owner

– Have clear business objectives

– Have a posting policy listed on the website

Ray also created a chart: “Guardrails” which is a streamlined approval process for managing content:

Ray described the evolution of social media at Johnson & Johnson over the last three years:

2006: Debut of about the history of Johnson & Johnson

2007: was created then went into more individual business units

In August, 2007 Johnson & Johnson issued a lawsuit against the American Red Cross. What was the lawsuit about? Here is an excerpt from the post, “You’re Doing What?!”

It was disappointing to discover in recent months that the American Red Cross had started a campaign to license the trademark to several businesses for commercial purposes on all types of products being sold in many different retail and other commercial outlets. These products include baby mitts, nail clippers, combs, toothbrushes and humidifiers, as well as products that fall within Johnson & Johnson’s longstanding product categories. This action is in direct violation of a Federal statute protecting the mark as well as in violation of our longstanding trademark rights.

I suggest you read the entire post as it is very interesting as not only we hear the corporate side of the story, but Ray personalizes the situation from his perspective dealing with the issue as a public affairs representative of Johnson & Johnson.

An editorial team determines which platform is best to to share and announce any news/information via Twitter, Facebook, health channel,,

Ray concluded his presentation with these through points:

1. Be sure people understand who you are and what you stand for.

2. Do the right things.

3. Be seen doing the right things.

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