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November 7, 2011 / The_Mike_Johnson

How CNBC, Pepsi, and American Express Harness Mobile Marketing and Commerce

Left to Right: Lou Tosto from, Adam Carey from Imano, David Weiner from PepsiCo, Sarah Meron from American Express

Is it time for your company to think about a mobile strategy? Here are the stats: 5.3 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, and 70% of execs under the age of forty consider mobile their primary communication tool. How does your company grab your share of the mobile budget and master the mobile tools? I found some answers after attending the IABC New York chapter panel, “Go Mobile: How the Best Brands Are Harnessing Mobile Commerce, Marketing and Communications.”

Adam Carey, Client Services Director, Imano

David Weiner, Digital Media Manager, PepsiCo

Lou Tosto, SVP Digital & Mobile Sales,

Sarah Meron, Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communications, American Express Company

Imano Client Services Director Adam Carey stated that since the mobile marketplace is quickly evolving he has to be on top of all mobile platforms to find the right solutions for clients. Is there a one size fits all mobile solution? It depends on your budget, and just how much wedding cake you can afford. Carey suggests that you have to jump in and start somewhere and do it. Adam felt Apple has set the bar high but be wary that users will give negative reviews of your app if it fails to provide a great user experience. His advice: know your market and set your price range between $2.99 to $8.99. You can follow Adam on Twitter @adamncarey.

Sarah Meron, VP of Corporate Affairs and Communications at American Express spoke about American Express moving the user experience from customers using a physical plastic card to those customers having a mobile experience with their smartphone. Before you create a mobile app Meron advised you should ask, “How will people consume our content? Would it be better as an app or a mobile website?” She sees the trend of mobile payments growing as the smartphone replaces the wallet. Sarah also recommends that since Apple takes anywhere from two to ten days to review your app be prepared if your app receives a negative rating. You can follow Sarah on Twitter @SEB8.

David Weiner, Digital Media Manager, at PepsiCo looks at apps and the user experience to best create content that can be consumed across all devices. David advises patience as the cost of creating a mobile app versus the user expectation may not be huge now, but the market will grow. David also suggested that you need to determine what is the right mix: Print, television, and/or digital? For the metrics and return on investment listen to what your consumers are saying. You should also be asking: How are we investing money into the content that can be consumed anywhere that makes your channel the destination. You can follow David on Twitter  @davidweiner.

Lou Tosto of CNBC stated that since breaking news and data as it happens is in CNBC’s DNA it was not a question of if but when to get in the mobile space. The challenge is in figuring out how to monetize these apps but the digital staff at CNBC is discovering that mobile ads are working as there is more response on mobile versus click through’s via the web. The CNBC iPad app is real-time and CNBC can see a pattern where users use the app on certain days times such as at the opening  and closing bell of the stock market.  You can follow Lou on Twitter @loutosto.

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How CNBC, Pepsi, and American Express Harness Mobile Marketing and Commerce

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