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March 5, 2012 / The_Mike_Johnson

Integrate Digital and Traditional Marketing for Your Business

Which marketing strategy road should your business travel down?

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Small businesses face many challenges and with limited resources (time and money), and business owners may get confused on the best way to integrate digital and traditional marketing methods.  The New York Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators provided some guidance with the panel, Integrating Digital and Traditional Marketing: Creating more powerful external and internal communication strategies.


Clients always ask Mel Sokotch if the investment in the new-shiny-popular-at-the-moment social media strategy is worth investing time and money, and Mel always answers by asking how much effort is your organization willing to invest, and how much revenue would you like that strategy to bring in? If you are a hospital and need to spend $200-500,000 for a YouTube channel and videos, your organization will need to answer:

– What is the value that will be needed to bring in new patients?

– What is the cost?

– How many transactions will need to be completed?

If your company or organization is trying to figure out how much to spend on digital versus traditional marketing, Mel states that unless you are Apple or Coke you have to be careful with your marketing budget. He suggests spending in media that is tried and true and not just jumping into the shiny new thing. For example, Visa spends ten percent of their budget on digital. Mel regularly looks at Nielsen and sees two areas that keep growing every year: Television and Online search.

Justin Amendola felt that small businesses offer a unique differentiating position and since consumers are used to going to different places for different information, these same consumers now expect more from local businesses. More small businesses are embracing digital through social media, but there is more noise online, so it is prudent to decide what you want to get out of your social media strategy. Pitney Bowes offers software linked with operations when an order is placed on the company website the shipping/postage is calculated, a shipping label is created, and tracking information is sent to the customer via email. You can follow Justin on Twitter @justinmendola.

Kevin Dolorico advised that marketers need to prioritize funds based on impact. For a large company/brand such as LG  (#2 tv manufacturer behind Samsung) Kevin shared that when shopping for a new television consumers seem to have one or two brands in mind to purchase, but after doing more research they discover other brands and offerings  which leads to confusion and buyers remorse if they are not happy after their purchase. LG tries to create a consistent story line and virtual product online that eventually sends consumers to a brick and mortar store to view and touch the appliance. Another strategy LG leverages is through their digital channels by building up cookie pools (targeted messages to specific targeted audiences) via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest used for inbound marketing.

Research  revealed that the LG mobile website assisted consumers in stores through scanning a QR code which enabled those consumers to read reviews of the specific product. So how does LG figure out how to market their largest (31 cubic feet) walk in refrigerator? They created a contest  asking people to guess how many jellybeans could fit into the Super Capacity refrigerator to give consumers some perspective of what can be stored in a 31 cubic foot space. The campaign resulted in doubling number of Facebook fans. By the way 265,000 jellybeans fit into a LG 31 cubic foot fridge so you can be prepared when Easter rolls around.


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