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March 11, 2012 / The_Mike_Johnson

Retailers Sent Shoppers More Than 170 Emails in 2011

Image showing many emails in inbox

Retailers seem to believe that you do not receive enough email from them.

Retailers must think you only receive a few emails a day, so why not send more to you every day? According to the Wall Street Journal article, “Stores Smarten Up Amid Spam Flood”, here are some of the stats:

– Last year, the nation’s top 100 retailers by e-commerce revenue sent recipients an average of 177 emails apiece up 87% from 2007 according to Responsys Inc.

– The most aggressive emailers – including Neiman Marcus Group – sent each recipient more than 500 emails apiece in 2011 Responsys said.

So why are the retailers doing this? According to Bud Konheim, CEO of Nicole Miller, “You get into this mind-set that the more emails you send, the more sales you generate, but that can really start to annoy people.” J.C. Penny used to “send one a day but has cut back to an average of three a week.” ┬áThe retailers are also trying to keep up with the daily deal flash sales which Gilt Group and Groupon have made mainstream.

Here is an older stat:

Unfortunately I find myself deleting more unread email than ever before. If you really want to get my attention, use the US Post office and send it to me through the mail.

Read the full article here.



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