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May 16, 2014 / The_Mike_Johnson

Top Four Digital Marketing Channels Generating Orders for Ecommerce Sites



From the eMarketer May 15, 2014 report, “Social Not a Big Help to Ecommerce,” it is revealed that even though retailers employ many social media tools for marketing, as of first quarter 2014 those methods may not be driving traffic to the ecommerce sites.

The top four methods as per the graph above are:

1. Having a Facebook page

2. Pinterest

3. “Like” button on product page

4. Twitter

The report also sates “US omnichannel retailers polled said less than 1% of shoppers who came to their ecommerce site from social networks made a purchase while visiting the site.”



So what digital marketing channels are generating orders US ecommerce sites?

As per the graphic above the top four are:

1. Organic

2. Direct

3. Search Engine Marketing/Cost per Click

4. Email

It will be interesting to see if this changes by fourth quarter 2014.

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