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March 1, 2010 / The_Mike_Johnson

Social Media and Healthcare: Social Media Week Panel

Speakers for the panel, “Navigating Social Media & New Technology in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industries” held at New York University during Social Media Week.

“Navigating Social Media & New Technology in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industries”, was a panel I attended last month as part of Social Media Week in New York. From the event copy, this panel provides “discussion designed to explore:

– the laws and regulations affecting new technology and social media planning and implementation in healthcare & pharma industries;

– tips for navigating these laws and successfully implementing your strategy;

– and examples of innovative healthcare and pharma companies and what they are up to in the digital world.”

Speakers included:

DJ Edgerton explained ZocDoc (think but for setting up an appointment with your doctor, and then providing a review of the visit.)  You have to register with the website, and if you saw doctor so they can verify review (if you do not show or canceled, then you cannot leave a review.) DJ also stated that social media provides an opportunity to have a conversation, but there is a fear pharmaceutical companies do not want to have or join in the conversations, especially when there is negative feedback. He also spoke about how ADHD Moms has 10,000 fans that are very involved, and another site MS Lifelines educating people on drugs and treatments. You can follow DJ Edgerton on Twitter at @DJEdgerton.

Oliver Kharraz stated that his country of Denmark has a great health care system, but no real rating system for doctors yet as it is only people who are not happy with bedside manner. He stated simply, “We are focused on serving patients.”

Jay Parkinson stated that paper is very efficient in the office, but a digital records system costs $45,000 upfront costs whether it be a computer system or pda, etc. Even with the high price tag the system is similar to Windows95 in the fact that it looks and feels like you are running Windows 95. Parkinson also states that it is not meaningful data – and technology is not designed to help me do my job well but designed for a billing system. He also felt that  lots of drugs are not necessary since a $4 drug has been on market for 20 years and does same thing. In terms of Facebook, he does not want to to friend Lipitor but rather people want to friend people. The real reason that people follow brands? They provide special offers and coupons to purchase. You can follow Jay on Twitter @jayparkinson.

Ned Russell felt that the “I Walk Because” multiple sclerosis campaign provided an excellent forum for those with MS  to share information and help themselves. With social media pharmaceutical  companies  have to deal with the loss of control. But still, measurements are not there yet as benchmarks have not been set as yet. He also added that people want relevant information to help them make informed decisions. You can follow Ned on Twitter @nedrussell.

The role of social media in healthcare looks to be very promising with unlimited opportunity. Now, if only the pharmaceutical companies would be willing to provide more transparency, it can be amazing.

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