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February 14, 2012 / The_Mike_Johnson

Jermaine Dupri Talks About Global 14 at Social Media Week New York 2012

Jermaine Dupri discusses Global 14

Jermaine Dupri talks about Global 14 at Social Media Week 2012 New York.

Jermaine Dupri appeared at Social Media Week 2012 held in New York to talk about his social network Global 14 . Global 14 began as a blog covering Dupri’s other interests such as art, fashion, and music and quickly found a growing community where users could contribute their music, art and fashion and receive feedback. Dupri felt MySpace and Twitter did not provide continuous communication between users whereas Global 14 provides constant dialogue. Jermaine also wanted to create a site that was spam free and Global 14  members have taken an active role in making sure that policy was followed by all.

To make a bigger impression in social media  Jermaine advised that users learn how to use their social media power using an example  of guests being invited to a dinner and seeing Jermaine Dupri sitting at one table and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at another. Most guests would choose to sit with Jermaine due to his connections and access to the most influential players in the music business.

To promote Global 14 Jermaine has embarked on four city tour in fourteen days to raise awareness, and includes meet and greets between him and for Global 14 community members to meet each other well. A west coast tour is scheduled to start in the spring.

Follow Jermaine Dupri on Twitter @Mr_Dupri.

View the video of Jermaine from Social Media Week New York 2012:

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