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August 8, 2014 / The_Mike_Johnson

Top Four Television Shows Where Viewers Do Not Skip the Ads

vcrThe original ad skipper now stored in closets, basements and attics across the country.

Television commercials. Those two words make your eyes roll. So is it any wonder after reading the August 4 Wall Street Journal article, Ad-Skipping Skews Upscale after all these years and new technology enabling viewers the ability to not only time shift their viewing for a later day and time but to view to view a show that would have ran sixty minutes if watched in real time to actually view it in forty minutes. According to the article TiVo surveyed 350,000 viewers of  the show “Mad Men” and discovered that viewers skipped 73% of the commercials while 66% “The Walking Dead” viewers skipped commercials.

So if I am an AMC sales rep trying to sell ad spots how do I figure this out? “The figures are calculated from the shows’ total audiences, including those watching “live” as well as those using a DVR as many as seven days later. Not surprisingly, those shows with high rates of ad-skipping had low rates of “live” viewership. TiVo estimated that only 11% of TiVo viewers watched “Mad Men” live, for instance. Advertisers and TV networks take ad-skipping into account in their negotiations: TV ad time is priced based on the cost of reaching 1,000 people watching commercials, not the programs. That means marketers aren’t paying for all those people who are skipping over the ads.”

So if I want to advertise on television does that mean I can only hope for live events? According to the Tivo survey here are the top four shows where viewers skipped the least ads:

1. “House Hunters International” on HGTV

2. “Bam’s Bad Ass Game Show” on TBS

3. “Carribean Life” on HGTV

4. “Love It or List It” on HGTV

Wow – HGTV holds three of those spots.

Have you skipped through ads when watching a show you recorded?

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